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WSA is keeping competitive sports at the heart of schools and providing young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best.  

Whether you have played handball for years, or never heard of the sport before, we are a club for you! Handball is an exciting and great sport suited for everyone! We pride ourselves on providing 1st class coaching in a safe and enjoyable environment, allowing all players to progress at their pace.

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Join the growing number of Middle and High Schools offering after school programs in the Bay Area. We offer the support, training, and tools needed to develop a program at your school.

Open to all Middle and High School students, practice days and times vary by coach and usually begin 2-3 weeks prior to the start of league games. Practices are generally one to two hours long anytime between 3 and 7 pm, and can be any day of the week. 

We provide the coaches, equipment, and competition opportunities needed to have an immersive and complete experience. 

As an indoor or outdoor, all-weather activity, handball is an ideal sport for schools. It combines several sports skills with team play, and is excellent for developing coordination. Most schools will have spaces that can easily be converted for handball use. Handball is also increasingly popular among adults, with the number of club players within registered leagues in US increasing, and the number of qualified coaches/leaders providing opportunities to play the sport are also on the rise.


Participate in our Intensive Training Clinics offered several times a year, where guest coaches and experienced athletes, will give you the training to improve your skills. 

Passing, catching, and handling the ball, group attack and counter- attack, piston movement and shooting phases, ball speed and timely dribbling, use of running in blocks, changing directions, cooperation with your teammates, and honing your technique. Come and acquire the handball skills needed to compete at the higher level and support your handball family in the Bay Area.


Youth leagues

Teams get to participate in local leagues in the Bay Area, State Tournaments, National Competitions, and International Championships.

The Youth Team Handball League and Youth California Cup organized by San Francisco CalHeat THC are the only competitions of its kind for Middle and High Schools in the USA.

We facilitate the growth of the pool of athletes and coaches for the Bay Area, helping participating teams to build a solid foundation for further skill development, and to compete at local, state, and national levels.

Professional Development

Especially oriented to Physical Education Teachers, we provide practical ideas and hands-on activities they can easily implement into their physical education program.

We also provide the written materials and training to create your own curriculum.

We have participated at State, National, and International Congresses for PE Teachers and Team Handball Coaches.

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