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After School Programs

Join the growing number of Middle and High Schools offering after school programs in the Bay Area. We offer the support, training, and tools needed to develop a program at your school. 



Participate in our Intensive Training Clinics offered several times a year, where guest coaches and experienced athletes, will give you the training to improve your skills. 


Youth leagues

Teams get to participate in local leagues in the Bay Area, State Tournaments, National Competitions, and International Championships. 


Professional Development

Especially oriented to Physical Education Teachers, we provide practical ideas and hands-on activities they can easily implement into their physical education program.

team handball

other sports

WSA provides to all athletes, teams, and communities with the tools needed to train, develop, and achieve their potential on the field.

Be that baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, softball, soccer or anything in between, we create a program for you, so you can start your team and start competing. We also help you join local leagues and maximize your potential.

World Sports Academy is hiring coaches and trainers 

Contact us for more information

World Sports Academy is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and provides the training of the body and mind to prepare the athlete for the rigors of Team handball. We provide amateur athletes the skills they need to succeed providing not just the training, but also the opportunity to play and compete in Local Leagues, State Tournaments, and International Championships. 

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